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Saddle Fitting Service

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Saddle Fitting Service in Wales, UK. A well fitting saddle enables the horse, which is an athlete, perform at his best – it also allows the rider to sit correctly. A badly fitting saddle can lead to all sorts of behavioural issues for the horse, and also problems for the rider.  We feel it is essential that you have your saddle fitted by a qualified Saddle Fitter, whether you are an international competitor or just a 'happy hacker'.  If you are going to the expense of buying a saddle for your horse, whether brand new or second hand, then it makes sense to get it fitted professionally, then you know it is not wasted money.

At Llwynon Saddlery you can have your horse and saddle assessed, altered where necessary, and refitted whilst you wait.  Even a complete strip out and re-flock can be done there and then so most customers can go away with a saddle the same day.  The whole process is explained, so you as the rider, know the signs to look for that you may need your saddle looking at.

We are happy to work with vets, physios, back specialists and instructors, and are keen for you to bring any written reports with you when you come for your appointment.  When ringing to book an appointment please have at hand information such as the rider's height and weight, your horse’s breed, age and height, what type of saddle you require and your budget.  All this information is important at booking to make sure we are able to cater for you and your horse's requirements.

What to Expect During a Saddle Fitting Appointment

The whole saddle fitting appointment takes place in our special saddle fitting area, and we have both an outdoor and indoor arena available for use for you to test ride each saddle, so even the Welsh weather can't stop us!  The indoor school is geared up to make saddle fitting easier, allowing customers to try saddles in the dry, away from distractions and in a safe environment. There is loads of parking space for lorries and trailers and there is plenty of space to turn around too.  (See our separate page on our Indoor School for more information.).
When you arrive you will be settled in with a hot drink and your horse given a stable to relax in. This process gives both you and your horse time to settle after your trip.  Next we make an assessment of the horse’s back, his personal saddle requirements, and also take into account the rider’s build and what they want from the saddle.  Based on this, a selection of saddles is chosen by the saddle fitter and the rider tries them out.  The saddle is seen being ridden in all paces (or those that the rider is happy with) including jumps if appropriate.  Our job is to find a saddle that fits your horse; the rider's job is to tell us what they want from the saddle.  This full trial, plus feedback from the rider, will assist in making adjustments to the saddle so that both horse and rider are happy.  You will also be educated on how saddles fit and what you should expect from a well fitting saddle; this is an important part of the fitting process as it helps the customer identify problems should they occur at a later date.

We allow about four hours per appointment. This ensures plenty of time to thoroughly check and test saddles, without the feeling that we are all being rushed because the next customer is on their way!  A vast range of saddles are kept in stock so there will always be plenty of choice.

We stock a wide range of saddles for every discipline - including GP, Dressage, Working Hunter, Jumping and Event.  We stock both leather and synthetic saddles, as both are good at their jobs.  Synthetic makes stocked include Wintec and Thorowgood and prices start at approx £450 for Pony Saddles and £475 for others.  Leather saddles stocked include Ideal, E.Jeffries, Bates, Collegiate, Harry Dabbs, Jaguar, Barnsby, Stubben, and Passier, and prices start at £850 up to £1700 depending on make and discipline.  Some second hand saddles are stocked as part of our part-exchange policy – please contact us with for further information.

We were the first saddlery in the UK to use a pliance pressure measuring system to see how saddles really fitted and as a result the society of master saddlers and have now continued this research.

If you are unsure as to what you want or need, then give us a ring to discuss what you're after and we will do our best to advise.

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