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Saddle Fitting Service

Llwynon Saddlery

Saddle Fitting Service in Wales, UK. A well fitting saddle enables the horse, which is an athlete, perform at his best – it also allows the rider to sit correctly. A badly fitting saddle can lead to all sorts of behavioural issues for the horse, and also problems for the rider.  We feel it is essential that you have your saddle fitted by a qualified Saddle Fitter, whether you are an international competitor or just a 'happy hacker'.  If you are going to the expense of buying a saddle for your horse, whether brand new or second hand, then it makes sense to get it fitted professionally, then you know it is not wasted money.

The whole process is explained, so you as the rider, know the signs to look for that you may need your saddle looking at.

We are happy to work with vets, physios, back specialists and instructors, and are keen for you to bring any written reports with you when you come for your appointment.  When ringing to book an appointment please have at hand information such as the rider's height and weight, your horse’s breed, age and height, what type of saddle you require and your budget.  All this information is important at booking to make sure we are able to cater for you and your horse's requirements.

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